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ABOUT kruz inc.

Kruz Inc’s history began in 1985, when founder Kent Kruzick purchased Bobko, an established manufacturer of steel and aluminum dump trailers since 1967. A major supplier of specialty trailers for heavy-duty hauling of slabs, coils, and grit to area steel mills, Bobko secured a reputation in the refuse industry for quality and innovative design in live floor and transfer trailers.

  Following a 1992 merger, manufacturing of Bobko steel dump trailers continued under the Galbreath, Inc. brand until 1998, when the trailer division was sold to Ravens Inc. The “Terminator”, and other steel dump trailer production continued at Ravens Knox facility.

  When the Fontaine Company acquired Ravens in 2001, the dump trailer product was divested. Kruzick re-purchased the Knox Plant two years later. In early 2004, Kruz® acquired and moved the “Ravens®” aluminum dump trailer product line to Knox, IN.

   Through various name changes, one constant remains…the commitment to quality, design and reputation of the craftsmen who build and design “Kruz®” and “Ravens®” trailers. Heritage is very important to Kruz®, and the rich legacy associated with “Ravens®” and “Terminator” continues to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape. “Bobko”, “Galbreath” and “Ravens” trailers have consistently commanded higher resell or trade-in value over time.

  Compared to other producers, Kruz® may not be known for high volume, but that’s fine with us. We’d prefer to concentrate on being a high value manufacturer. Kruz’ philosophy has always been that “quality will long be remembered after the sale is forgotten”. And we continue to build upon that tradition today and into the future.

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