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Ravens® Frame Type



Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloys, Ravens by Kruz frame-type dump trailers maximize your payload capacity, providing excellent stockpiling and spread capabilities.

Ravens by Kruz frame-type dump trailers —with their distinctive swirl finish — are available at dealers from coast to coast.

aluminum dump trailer, Ravens Frame-Type

The Options You Need

  • Standard and heavy-duty aluminum or
  • steel chassis available
  • Lengths from 24 to 42 feet
  • Side heights from 48 to 72 inches
  • Ends from 48-72 inches
  • Trailers widths in 96 inches or 102 inches
  • Capacity from 28.4 to 60.6 cubic yards
  • Weights from 9,150 to 13,140 pounds (aluminum)
  • Weights from 10,120 – 15,060 pounds (aluminum/steel)

The “Extras” You Want

  • Heavy-duty hoist base and upper coupler assembly
  • Rigid, weight-absorbing sides and top rails

High Strength, Heavy-Duty, Aluminum Performance

Rear Floor Sill:  8 wide x 4″ deep extruded aluminum (6061-T6)
Floor Sills:  4-1/2″ wide x 4″ deep extruded aluminum (6061-T6), 12″ centers, 7-1/2″ apart.
Bottom Rail:  Z design (6061-T6) interlocks floor sills and floor to the sides; also includes radius corner from floor to sides.
Floor:  .230″ aluminum plate (5083)
Sides:  150″ aluminum plate (5083)
Body Posts:  Extruded aluminum (6061-T6) designed with 4-1/4″ face flared to 8″. Solid-welded to side sheets and located on 24″ centers. 45-degree slope plates between stiffeners, welded to bottom rail, prevent debris from accumulating in this area
Front Post:  Full wrap-around bulkhead
Rear Post:  Extruded aluminum (6061-T6), 8″ wide x 4″ deep with 1/2″ lip to secure seal for gate.
Top Rail:  Extruded aluminum (6061-T6), 10″ x 4″
Front:  .230″ aluminum (5083), 3/8″ x 4″ aluminum band (6061-T6) around top. Steps on roadside, bulkhead radius, and drivers rear panel.
Hoist Box:  Tapered, fully enclosed, with inspection hole.
Tailgate:  .230″ aluminum (5083) with extruded dirt shedder braces (6061-T6). Heavy-duty bolt-on hardware and steel bolt-on bottom hardware. Overslung latches provide positive locking. Air-operated controls are located on web of frame roadside behind landing gear. Sealed tailgate around outside edge of gate.
Tarp Bar:  3-1/4″ wide x 1/4″ aluminum. One row each side full length with tarp hooks front and rear.
Electrical:  Sealed beam lights recessed in side stiffeners. Mid tum signal, center marker light. One light on rear post facing rear on each side
Mud Flaps:  Heavy-duty spray suppressant black rubber
Finish:  Trademarked swirl. Steel parts painted black. Conspicuity tape.
Aluminum/Steel Chassis
Tires:  11R24.5 16ply
WheelsiDisc:  Eight & 8.25″ x 24.5″, 10- hole disk, hub piloted, unimount, plain aluminum wheels
Hubs:  Four (4) 10-stud Duralite, hub piloted
Drums:  Outboard mount light-weight, hub piloted
Brakes:  16-1/2″ x 7″ Q-plus, non asbestos lining with quick-change features, automatic slack adjustors, Meritor WABSO 48/2M ABS system
Axles:  Two tubular 5″ 25,0001b capacity, 71-1/2″ track, tapered spindle, 5/8″ nominal wall thickness
Suspension:  Intraax 300 air ride, 49″ axle spacing, closed tandem
Landing Gear:  Two-speed 50,000-Ib capacity with sand shoes, handle mounted roadside
Malin Rails:  Fabricated aluminum or steel
Frame Members:  Full-depth, two-piece on aluminum chassis, one-piece on steel chassis
King Pin Plate: 3/8″ steel, 18″ king pin setting
Hoist Base:  Heavy-duty, 8″ steel channels
Hoist:  Five stage, heavy duty
Rear Hinge Pin:  3″ O.D. steel tubing
Body Wear Pads: Fiber-reinforced rubber secured to top of frame, full length; protects body floor sills.
Electrical:  DOT, sealed beam and harness
Finish:  Swirl-finished aluminum frames. Steel frame painted black enamel.
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