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Ravens® Eclipse™ 52



Built from high strength aluminum alloys, Ravens ‘Eclipse 52’ by Kruz is engineered for strength at light weights which improves your payload capacity.

Ravens ‘Eclipse 52’ by Kruz platform trailers with their distinctive swirl finish set the industry standard for capacity and performance and are available at dealers from coast to coast.

Eclipse Ravens trailer

High Strength, Heavy-Duty, Aluminum Performance

25 inch deep main beams taper to 11 inches in the nose and 17 inches at the rear, aluminum landing gear standard.
Galvanized suspension hangers and landing gear braces are standard
Hollow-core, 1-1/2-inch-deep floor of tough 6061-T6 aluminum alloy is welded along its full length to main beam to reinforce upper body strength
Floor  1-1/2” depth, multi-hollow core extruded aluminum (6061-T6) with (2) wood nailers
Main Rail  11” deep in neck, 25 deep in main, 17” deep at rear
Outer Rail  6-3/4” deep extruded aluminum (6061-T6) one piece with integrated “J” track
Rub Rail  3-1/4” wide x 3/8” aluminum full length each side 6061-T6
Front Channel  9-3/4” deep one piece full width (6061-T6), square corners
Crossmembers  5” aluminum channel (6061-T6) on 15” or 22“ centers.
Bumper Two (2) heavy-duty vertical risers with 4” wide horizontal tube.
Dock Bumper Two rubber bumpers.
Stake Pockets 4″ H x 4″ W x 1-5/8″ D inside dimension on 24” centers with one (1) HD spool
Mud Flaps  Heavy-duty spray suppressant black rubber
Lengths  45’, 48’ or 53’
Widths  96” or 102″
Tires  295/75R22.5 OEM
Wheels/Disc  Eight (8) 8.25 x 22.5”, 10-hole disc, hub piloted, unimount, machine finish aluminum wheels.
Hubs  Four (4)10-stud Duralite, hub piloted.
Drums  Outboard mount light-weight hub piloted.
Brakes  16-1/2″ x 7” Q-plus, non-asbestos lining with quick-change features, automatic slack adjusters, 4S/2M ABS system standard with aluminum air tank
Suspension Air ride
Axles  71-1/2” or 77-1/2″ track to match suspension.
Upper Coupler  48” height nominal
Landing Gear  Aluminum two-speed 50,000-Ib capacity
King Pin Plate 1/2″ aluminum plate, 30” from front standard
Electrical DOT; sealed LED lights and harness
Finish Swirl-finished aluminum suspension frame. All steel parts are galvanized.
Two (2) heavy-duty vertical risers with 4” wide horizontal tube bumper
Galvanized forklift package available
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