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Our primary objective is to craft top-tier, long-lasting equipment that enhances your fleet, elevating operational efficiency and productivity while substantially reducing the workforce and assets required for your projects. We take immense pride in introducing the world’s first internationally patented Mobile Reloader Conveyor systems. These universal reloading systems are designed to swiftly and effectively load a wide variety of materials into any equipment for transport or application. We are committed to empowering your business to reach new heights.


Revolutionizing your jobsite with the TailGunner – a game changer in the world of material handling. This innovative machine is designed to be hauled by a standard 3/4 ton pickup truck. With an incredible slinging distance of up to 150 feet and a remarkable volume of up to 5 tons per minute, it combines a reload conveyor and slinger all in one, elevating your operation to the next level.

Powering this all-in-one machine is a JCB Tier IV Turbo Diesel Engine, capable of delivering a maximum output of 145 HP at 2,200 RPM. The TailGunner is a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for a cab chassis and increased fuel consumption.

Weight: 14,000 lbs


Experience Remarkable Efficiency and Productivity Gains with the RL19 Reloader.

Introducing the RL19, our compact powerhouse that defies its size with uncompromising durability and performance. While it may be our shortest unit, the RL19 boasts the same heavy-duty construction as our larger models.

Crafted with a fully powder-coated steel frame, the RL19 offers a sleek aesthetic with the added option to customize the color to match your company branding. Its 10’ wide hydraulically-controlled folding clamshell hoppers, paired with a 36″ wide cleated belt, effortlessly handle a variety of materials. 

For added convenience, the RL19 can be equipped with a remote-controlled package, providing ease of operation and enhanced efficiency. The RL19 stands tall in the realm of heavy-duty equipment.

Made for swift and efficient reloading in collaboration with telebelt/loop belt industries, offering unparalleled performance. Despited its specialized design, this equipment is adaptable and suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.
Weight: 7,000 lbs


Introducing the RL26, designed to enhance production and efficiency in your operations. With an impressive capacity of up to 5 tons per minute, this conveyor is a valuable addition to your fleet. The RL26 features a sturdy steel and powder-coated frame, ensuring long-term performance. Despite its heavy-duty construction, it remains conveniently towable by a standard pickup truck.

The RL26HD is a game-changing addition to your equipment fleet, designed to revolutionize the way you handle material reloading. With its hydraulically-controlled folding clamshell hoppers and a robust 48″ cleated feed belt, this reloader effortlessly handles rock, sand, and organic materials at the rate of 4 to 6 tons per minute.

Thanks to its off-road capability and lightweight frame, the RL26HD is easily transportable and towable by a standard 3/4 ton pickup truck. This means you can load equipment with different materials in virtually any location, boosting efficiency while reducing the need for additional manpower and assets.

Loading materials is a breeze with the RL26’s durable 10′ wide hydraulically-controlled folding clamshell hoppers, complemented by a heavy-duty 48″ wide cleat-top feed belt. Optional hopper extensions provide versatility for handling a wide variety of materials. The adjustable feed conveyor further enhances adaptability to different operational needs.

The RL26HD is engineered for durability and efficiency, keeping your machines continuously supplied with materials and minimizing waste. This machine excels in rock applications, delivering optimal performance. However, its versatility extends to handling a variety of materials with ease. 

Add the RL26HD to your fleet and experience remarkable increases in equipment productivity while minimizing resource requirements. Improve performance and material management.

Weight: 10,520 lbs


Introducing the RL34 - The Pinnacle of Industrial Reloading

Introducing the RL34, a game-changing addition to your fleet that guarantees efficiency and savings. With its 3″ wide cleated feed belt, this powerhouse moves material at an impressive rate of up to 4 tons per minute (depending on application), ensuring a significant boost in productivity. The cross-feed conveyor hoppers facilitate quick and easy loading, getting any material rolling in no time.

Exceling in mulch applications, particularly when paired with the blower truck industry. Its versatile design allows for effective use with a wide range of materials. Designed for convenience, this machine can be effortlessly towed by a standard 3/4 ton truck.

The heavy-duty powder-coated frame ensures durability, coupled with the Yanmar Tier IV Liquid Cooled Turbo Diesel Engine delivering a robust 68.5 HP @ 2,500 RPM. Leave no room for doubts – this equipment is built to stay in the job site, working tirelessly to make your projects more efficient.

The RL34 redefines industrial-grade reloading with its impressive 34-foot length, making it one of the longest in the industry. Its extendable arm, boasting a dynamic range of 16 feet, enables front-loading capabilities for chassis-mounted slingers and blower trucks.

Equipped with a robust 36-inch heavy-duty feed belt and a powerful 10-foot cross-feed conveyor hopper, the RL34 excels at keeping your machines consistently supplied with a wide range of materials. It sets the standard for reloading speed and capacity, capable of delivering an astounding 4-6 tons of material per minute. Choose the RL34 for top-tier reloading performance.

Weight: 10,000 lbs

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